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10:45am 24/05/2009
Well... Helena's moved, to a spot about a mile away, and most of us moved right along with her.
Right now I'm hanging about with Rose and Sam. We watched Titanic last night in Helena's room, and Rose's eyes never left the screen, though she did blush during that, erm, scene with Rose D. and the necklace... and Jack.
Our Rose, Sarah Rose Jones, had traveled on the Titanic herself, but she won't tell us much more than that, she never gave us a class, and she said that she was from London. She doesn't sound posh, honestly, but she doesn't sound like she was from the East End or anything. I'm thinking she was middle-class and was in her proper rank for the ship, but that's just speculation.

Right now, only Sam, Rose, Julie, Jessa, Kimmy, Lucy, Hélène, Lizzie, and I are here. Lily, Jill, and Marisol are at the old house still for a bit.

I didn't tell you about Lily, did I?

Well, I'm sure you all know who Harry Potter is, yeah?

Lily is his mum. Well, technically, I'm fairly certain she's from an Alternate Universe because the only bloke she talks about is Remus Lupin, and I have to say, that only makes me wish he'd survived the war. (And I mean, she doesn't even complain about James Potter... well that much)

Much as I hate to admit it, I don't think Lily and James seem like a very good couple... I mean, I love Uncle Harry very much, and James Sirius, and Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, but.... Lily and James as a couple... they don't seem like they'd have worked that much longer than they did.

She hasn't read the books yet, which is probably a good thing.

Anyway, Helena got back from France on 7 April and hasn't spoken in American English much since. I mean, she's been using British English for ages, and a lot since she's started watching YouTube, but she's been using French in addition to that in her daily speech.
Such as "je ne sais pas" or "je sais" or "ça va?" or various other phrases. It's midly annoying, but fun to listen to, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I think we're due to watch the second half of Titanic today, since we didn't get to finish it last night. But I'm not sure.

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01:37pm 18/02/2009
Helena's going to France on a school trip in April. Well, technically, it's 30 March to 7 April, but, still.
I want to go.
She said no.
She's bringing Ianto, possibly Gerard, and maybe a mini. But she doubts the mini.
I told her to bring Gerard instead of Ianto, because Ianto's my Webkinz buddy, and she said that she'll consider it.
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02:52pm 20/11/2008
SurveyCollapse )</div>
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New Girl  
12:12pm 16/11/2008
There's a new girl here, her name is Samantha Parkington.

She's really amazed by all of the technology that we have, because she's from 1908.

I helped her get her livejournal set up today, so check it out.


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What's with humans and their oddities?  
12:08pm 21/10/2008
By that, I mean this:

Helena doesn't like sports. She'll watch Baseball (her favourite team is the Red Sox), and she'll play dodgeball, and talk about Quidditch, but that's the extent.

Tell me why, then, that she went to her high school's "homecoming" American Football game, and had a good time!?

I mean, yes, Aunt Hermione is kind of like that. But, er, no, she only went because Uncle Harry was on the Quidditch team (then Auntie Ginny, and then Auntie Ginny was on the Harpies later on).

Two of Helena's friends are in the band, but...

She doesn't like the athletes.

She said that the band played Thriller, which sounds awesome, although Josh (Mum's cousin's husband) is terrified of Michael Jackson for no good reason.

Now, we're in school ourselves, and I have to say that I adore some of the Muggle courses, especially Art, Music, and Theatre.

Of course, I've loved Art, Music, and Theatre for a long time (Mum's friend Matt is a music executive and Scarlett (Mum's other cousin's wife) is an actress, her best friend also being a film director) but actually taking courses in it is just brilliant!

I have to say, I find the American version of history class very interesting, especially the American Revolution. Lissie and Lizzie, being from that era (having adjusted A LOT since, as well) swear that it was very similar to what the books say.

We have to do a project on someone from between 1400-1800, and I want to do Reinette (Jean-Antoinette was her real name) Poisson aka Madame de Pompadour, who Lizzie wants to be for Halloween ("Oh, I've already similar gowns! It shouldn't be hard to adapt them without actually changing them!"). She was the lover of Louis XV (Louis Quinze en français), King of France. I want to do a report on her because SHE MET THE DOCTOR!!!

Yes, Doctor Who is my newest fandom of choice and I find it utterly fascinating!

I would do William Shakespeare, but Kimmy called him the moment it was announced.

I have to be fair, don't I? So Madame de Pompadour it is!
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04:32pm 06/09/2008
We're all back at school.

It's all right, but... it's not fun.

Helena went back to school Tuesday and had her MCR hoodie stolen Wednesday, got it back Friday, and also is officially a French freak.

...Just what I need.

She says that she wants to get Vicky, Dominique, Auntie Fleur, Gabrielle (Fleur's sister), Lydia (Mum's friend), or Mrs. Rush (she's Lydia's mum and her name is Antoinette, as this'll be when they're 9-12).

So... I'm bored.
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So... (Hawthorne Heights)  
01:42pm 23/08/2008
Helena just bought lots of songs on iTunes... including Hawthorne Heights' entire new album.

The song "Four Become One" is so sad, because it's about Casey Calvert (their screamer, who died before the album was recorded...)

And the whole album sounds so different... I know Helena cried, though she denies it.

Casey had a family, too, which makes it even worse.

Helena refuses to listen to the album mid-day... proof that she'll cry if she hears the whole thing all at once.

-R.I.P. Casey Calvert-
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04:29pm 18/08/2008
The proper plushies came the other day!

I love Wolverine!

He's so awesome... though, I admit, Nightcrawler might've been cooler... c'mon! He's BLUE! (My favourite colour).

Also --- Helena said that she got two mini-Beanie Babies and one mini Build-A-Bear yesterday, and that she's waiting to see if she's got any old ones at her dad's so that we can each have one.

Really, I don't care.

I'm quite content with Wolverine and Edmund.

I freaked Lucy out again.

Me: Hiya Lu!
Lucy: Oh, hello.
Me: So, where exactly are you from?
Lucy: Finchley... in England.
Me: I know that, but where?
Lucy: Why?
Me: 'Cause... hmmm... is your sister a witch?
Lucy: What? Of course not.
Me: Oh. Well, there goes the Nolan-really-is-related-to-Edmund theory.
Lucy: Who's Nolan?
Me: A boy.... at my school... he's kind of...
Jessa: She LURVES him!
Me: You don't even know him!
Jessa: So!?!?
Me: So shut up! Anyway... what's Edmund's birthday?
Lucy: Why are you asking me these questions?
Me: Because Edmund is PWNtastic.
Lucy: He's what?
Me: Uhm... wicked, cool, awesome... the cat's pajamas! *(I really think this offended her)*
Lucy: Oh, so you like him?
Me: He's one of my heroes, yes, but I don't fancy him.
Lucy: *Is obviously freaked out* Well, I've got to be going. Jill wanted to talk to me.

...I can't help it!

Edmund's awesome!

And by the way, I DO NOT fancy Nolan. Nope. No way.
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Guess What I Just Found Out?  
01:33pm 07/08/2008
Okay, I posted about three minutes ago, but, still:

Most of my favorite musicians?


I'm one, so this is just awesome!
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Outdoors vs. Indoors  
01:25pm 07/08/2008
Sometimes Helena takes us outside... not too often, but it happens.

I get to go outside more than the other dolls.

The others mostly are only allowed outside because Helena's mum doesn't have a digital camera and neither does Helena. Her sister does, but she lives over an hour away (I do get to meet her this weekend, though).

Mostly Helena takes pictures of me outside, in the yard, by the train tracks, and by the library (all less than half a block away).

But I'm more than content to stay inside and watch X-Men (the animated series sometimes, the movies (1-2) usually, and recently she got Evolution out from the library for two weeks).

Also, playing Narnia's pretty fun... I play Edmund, because, you know, he's just awesome.

Recently I've learned that Helena has great literary tastes, so I've been reading a lot of her books, especially that giant Narnia complete edition with Lizzie, Kimmy (sometimes), Lucy (sometimes), and Jill (sometimes).

Then she's got that collection of the first twenty or so issues of X-Men with Wolverine and those recriuts in (it's in black and white, too, not colour).

Plus, lots of times, Helena's got some pretty sweet music shows or cartoons on, so I prefer the indoors.
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